Saturday Academy4
The Program This academy aims to empower the community by making available the opportunities families need to flourish in school. We will offer rigorous, educational programming to K-12 students through lesson plans specifically targeted towards each age group’s particular needs. Lesson plans include but are not limited to: Grades K-2 […]

Saturday Academy

FAith adn race podcast 15
  The Faith and Race Podcast is designed to help churches of all colors host constructive dialogue about faith, race, and the Church. Every episode has a specific focus so as to intentionally think about the intersection of history, institutions, scripture, prayer, race, and justice. The audio recordings will help […]

Faith and Race Podcast

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Thank you everyone for making “Kinship in Crisis” a success and for joining together to not only learn from recent tragedies but for also sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experience.

Kinship in Crisis

I am a pastor, in New York City with my wife, on a few days of summer leave. Over a 24-hour period my phone, social media channels and email blew up. Your attention was arrested too. My colleagues and clergy friends are frustrated and fearful. We want to talk, and […]

What to say, What to do